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I have helped my clients secure jobs, increase billable hours, forego toxic relationships, get promoted, reduce conflicts at work, improve executive presence, prepare for performance reviews and interviews, leave jobs to start new ventures, build stronger teams, and gain more confidence. How can I help you?

Hi, I’m Donna

From entry-level to executive, the ladder of corporate life can be incredibly rewarding – but it can also be demanding!

I’ve been there.

Throughout my thirty-year career in corporate America, I experienced the wide spectrum of struggles and joys that you may be experiencing. I was often faced with tough decisions as I juggled my executive responsibilities with my role as a single mother.

Like all growth journeys, mine was definitely worth the ride (most of the time). And while I enjoyed many aspects of my work, I closed my office door for the last time with one key question still sitting on my chest… What if it didn’t have to be so hard?

Manifest the Next Great Thing

Today as a coach, business consultant and writer, I help my clients see that it really doesn’t need to be so hard.

My work centers around working with professionals who are dealing with transitions – promotions, job changes, corporate politics, and everything that comes with managing a career and a life.

I believe in my clients’ potential as strongly as I believe in my ability to help them achieve it. Laser focused on helping you become the best versions of yourself, I am committed to empowering you to take control of your life and career.

Let’s Get Acquainted

Check out this interview I did with Social Media Love, and learn more about my background and why I chose to change career paths and become a coach.

What to Expect


Clarify your goals


Commit to an action plan for your life


Confront your fears


Confidently show up as your most authentic self


Create sustainable life changes

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Less Stress
More Success

Thoughts & Musings

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I write on topics ranging from tips to enhance your work/life, the Great Resignation, my own personal stories, and new Program Announcements.

Stroke of Genius

Stroke of Genius

My older brother is a genius. I always wanted to be just like him.

I write left-handed because I mimicked him from across the table when we played together. He was good at everything – juggling, drawing, sports, playing musical instruments, and academics. Minus the academics (and that came
later), I am good at none of these things.

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