Come what May

Written by Donna Star

June 15, 2023

Come what May.

Even though it is now obviously June, I decided to go with this headline that popped into my head. The phrase means, regardless of the outcome, which seems relevant based on my topic today.

This has been a busy year: a (very) big birthday! a recovering brother 😁, a move, a book, workshops, travel, running my business as well as living a full life. Despite all this, I was feeling a little stuck.

I want my book to help scale my business and support more people– workshops, speaking engagements, etc. but I was not making as much progress as I wanted. Was I hiding behind my busyness? Or was something else afoot? No BS; I am just plain scared.

Nothing moves forward if your fear is running the show.

With a quick suggestion from a coach I hired to help me write my Signature Talk, I created a presentation and a workshop. Approximately 2 days of effort (we can have the “I don’t have time discussion” on another day).

Am I still scared? Yes. Am I doing it anyway? Also, yes.

And that is how you overcome fear. It is that simple.

You can read a million books (like mine) and talk to professionals, your friends, etc., but this is the magic bullet.

Doing something. Anything. Regardless of the outcome.

Come what May.

Say it like it is,
Donna ⭐

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