Stroke of Genius

Written by Donna Star

May 29, 2023

A Stroke of Genius.

My older brother is a genius. I always wanted to be just like him.

I write left-handed because I mimicked him from across the table when we played together. He was good at everything – juggling, drawing, sports, playing musical instruments, and academics. Minus the academics (and that came
later), I am good at none of these things.

He had a heart attack, followed by a stroke seven months ago. He is steadily coming back to himself. His speech is vastly improved, and, by and large, he can converse with anyone about anything. At dinner the other night, the
waiter at my brother’s go-to restaurant didn’t even know my brother had had a stroke.

As much as he hears how far he has come, I know he still feels miles away from where he started.The ever-present voice in his head whispers “What do I do next?” and, “How can I possibly top the amazing life I have already lived?”

What must it feel and be like to be in his recovering mind?
How does one counsel someone so beloved to see the unlimited potential of what is next?

I do not know the answer to this question.

But I do believe in the human spirit and the capacity to heal and grow no matter what. We are put on this earth for more than one reason. We are not defined by our lowest and highest moments but rather by all the moments in

My brother has much more to offer the world.

I know from personal experience that it is hard to trust the process – to believe that the universe has our back. But it does. And I do.

I believe.

Happy Memorial Day. Happy Beginning of Summer. Happy Beginning…

Say it like it is,
Donna ⭐

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