Lost and Found

Written by Donna Star

February 8, 2022

Why did this headline pop into my brain today?

I haven’t lost or found anything materially to report. But losing and finding isn’t always about a misplaced set of keys or gloves (though I do this often enough). This topic popped into my head because I am a little lost – going through an end-of-life situation is deeply existential.

Both parties now have a timeframe to say everything they have ever wanted to say and perhaps do the things they have not done yet. In my dad’s case, we are spending as much time as possible with him.
This is the precious gift of time that we all find so elusive.

We always believe we have more time.
Until we have little choice.
Until we are facing the end of life.
And, even though I am a little lost, I have found peace with my priorities.

Everything else can wait.

Live your life with love and without regret, and everything else will follow.


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