Be More. Do Less.

Written by Donna Star

January 13, 2020

Do Less. Be More. I had this whole email planned out – writing about what I had accomplished in 2019 and what my goals are for 2020….. but many times life has different plans. I just got back from our Annual Family Vacation, and my daughter gave me a piece of artwork that says – DO LESS. BE MORE. Honestly, the sentiment and accompanying letter she wrote me blew me away.

Here is quick snippet from the letter:
“As someone who is notorious for always going, this chapter in your life has allowed you to do less and be more. There is a light around you umasked by so much doing. I can truly say that I have never viewed you as so successful or motivated as I do now.”

I never realized the impact I would have on my family once I decided to leave my Corporate job. This is one of the most momentous aspects of change – you just have no idea of the downstream impacts your changes will have on others around you. I take this as pure validation for my choices, and I march into 2020 stronger than ever. If you are thinking about making some work/life changes, I would love to talk to you.

I will continue to put myself out there this year, even though this is way out of my comfort zone. I will continue my FB Live events and this newsletter bi-weekly.

By far, the greatest honor to date (other than my daughter’s letter of course) has been to work with my amazing clients. Thank you for trusting me to work with you! As with any business, referrals are greatly appreciated!

Please feel free to unsubscribe. I will completely understand.

Have a wonderful week! Thank you for your overwhelming support!

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