What is Your Definition of Success?

Written by Donna Star

February 12, 2020

I have spent a lot of time in my lifetime pondering this question. In the past, my answer very likely would have been based on how much money I was making at the time, my current mood about my job performance, the personal items I had acquired at the time, vacations booked, etc.

No matter how many times I heard and agreed that all of the above were not true measures of success, I definitely fell into this trap too many times to actually count. It is a very easy trap to fall into isn’t it?

Fast forward nine months post my corporate life, and I can honestly say that my definition of success has changed. While I definitely miss a regular paycheck as well as my colleagues and clients, my kids are working and thriving on their own, I am growing my business and my confidence in my ability as a Coach grows by the day. I enjoy what I am doing every single day, with no exaggeration.

Today, my measure of success is my independence, constant learning, my ability to own my schedule, traveling on my own time ( I am not a fan of 6 am flights, and I especially dislike flying out for work trips on Sundays). It is amazing what a little time and space can do to your perspective. I do not mean to suggest that you have to leave your job and start your own business to redefine success. You can redefine success at anytime – you just have to put the work in to understand what really motivates and guides you.

What is your definition of success? Has it changed? Do you want it to change? Is it hard for you to “feel” successful?

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