Killing It?!

Written by Donna Star

February 26, 2020

Yesterday a cohort of mine told me that she thinks I am killing it. Being online is funny. Much like you see and read about teenagers looking like they have the perfect lives online, being a professional with a social media presence is very similar.

I am posting comments on Facebook and LinkedIn. I am doing FB Live Events, much to my chagrin of being more public, and also sending out this bi-weekly email. But, killing it – not so sure…. My definition of killing it is that I have a wait list for business, my clients are extremely satisfied, and that I am happy and in control of my life. Ok, hmmm – so 3 out of 4 of these statements are true. Maybe I am killing it – not because I am online, but because I have satisfied clients, and I am happy and in control of my life (relatively speaking). Starting your own business is hard, but it is my choice. I believe when you make the choice to live the life you want on your own terms, everything else falls into place eventually.

Coaching has been vital for me. I hired a great coach, who has helped me work through my Gremlins (we all have them!) and continue to take action. Very often we can become paralyzed by our own fears and not take any action.

I highly recommend working with a coach to find out what choices you have that you may not be aware of…

You only live once. Choose wisely.


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