To Abba, With Love ❤️🍎.

This long email expresses my love for my dad on this third Father’s Day without him. Shockingly, I am unsure if I have ever shared my dad’s name, Abba, in my writing. Abba is Hebrew for Father. He was born Arthur Abraham Appelstein—a mouthful but easily...
Come what May.

Come what May.

Come what May. Even though it is now obviously June, I decided to go with this headline that popped into my head. The phrase means, regardless of the outcome, which seems relevant based on my topic today. This has been a busy year: a (very) big birthday! a recovering...
Come what May.

Stroke of Genius

A Stroke of Genius. My older brother is a genius. I always wanted to be just like him. I write left-handed because I mimicked him from across the table when we played together. He was good at everything – juggling, drawing, sports, playing musical instruments, and...

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