It Was the Best of Times it Was the Worst of Times…

Written by Donna Star

April 1, 2020

When I left Corporate America (I have to think of a better term – I have really come to hate this label, but will leave that for another day), I realized that I started shedding layers of myself that no longer served me – being ready for battle, handling situations with a calm level head while many times hiding my emotion to ensure I made clear- headed decisions, implementing decisions that I did not agree with at times, getting along with people that I really did not respect and the list goes on. Much of this happens in life and not just in CA (my new term for my former life) and sometimes subjugating your needs does need to happen for the greater good. I am sure you can think of many decisions that you make that are in the best interest of your family, not just yourself during COVID- 19.

As a coach, we very often ask our clients what are we learning about ourselves in this moment? So, taking my own coaching advice, I decided to give this some more thought.

I am learning that I like the slower pace of this new life, I like social distancing walks with my friends in the beautiful outdoors -rain or shine. I like spending more time with my fiancé getting out of the habit of just living together, but truly being together…. I like not eating out as often, not going out as often and generally having the excuse to just be in place. Now, there are many things I don’t particularly like – at the top of this list is not being with my kids or knowing exactly when I will see them again, not being able to see my 88-year old dad who lives very close by, not seeing the two new members of my family and the generally anxiety that strikes me every so often about the sheer magnitude of the situation that we are all in. It is daunting. But, I choose to focus on the positive most of the time. I believe that coaching has really helped me see the opportunities in every situation – allowing myself to feel what I feel and being ok when I am sad, anxious, happy, hopeful and, incredulously, even grateful.

Apologies and gratitude for the Dickens reference in the beginning of this email. When all else fails for me, I rely on Dickens to get me through, and this quote feels very relevant for the times we are living in and the sway of emotions that we are all likely going through.

*Please tune in on Tuesdays at noon to my Facebook page. I am working with with three amazing coaches where we share our perspectives on coaching in the age of Covid-19. Life.Work.Love – they are all connected and so are we.

Feel free to reach out to me at any time. As we all are, my clients are quite anxious about the state of the world, jobs, finances and the like. I am here for you.

Stay safe and sane.


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