Moving and Grooving.

Written by Donna Star

March 24, 2023

Moving and Grooving.

I am moving in 10 days. In full disclosure, I am a psychotic, control freak, neatnik maniac as it relates to packing (and maybe a few other things). Nothing is safe in my line of sight. If I don’t need it, use it, or love it – out it goes. Is there anything more satisfying than a good purge?

I was making great progress, and then, COVID hit the house. I really thought we had seen the last of this virus. But NO. My poor son, who is with me temporarily, has been sick as a dog. By default, I am stuck home in the house with him. We are quarantining, and I am packing. Four days and counting… no COVID for me 🙏.

I let myself get caught in the negative mind mouse trap. It was not pretty. At all.

What to do when the universe has other plans?

* I got a hold of myself.

* I calmed down.

* I pushed out the move date.

* I canceled my hair appointment 😩.

* I canceled my dinner plans 😢.

* I got more boxes and packed what I could.

* I became slightly more motherly. I even made pancakes from scratch ❤️.

* I told the furniture buyers that pick-ups would be a week later.

In short (but probably not short enough), I adjusted.

And that is life. No plan is foolproof.

No mind is immune from writing the worst-case scenarios.

Once you realize you have no choice, you flex. And then you laugh because it is funny. Unless I get COVID, then I may not be laughing.

Stay healthy and Say it like it is,

Donna ⭐

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