The 2nd of Never.

Written by Donna Star

March 2, 2023


March 2nd marks one year since my dad passed away.

How does one commemorate such a day?

Despite my overflowing gratitude for my life, I know this week will be filled with sadness. How does one appropriately mark this poignant passing of time?

How does one articulate all the sadness and gratitude for a life no longer here?

All the while knowing that she has been loved fully without any pretense, without any conditions, and without any limits. How does one encapsulate that feeling? I know there are no answers to this question. At least none that changes the outcome.

I know I will cry on the 2nd. I know I will visit his gravesite. I know that I will see part of my family, and we will tell some funny stories about my dad – there are many. I know I will be filled with love that I have these memories to share with others who loved him.

I know…. I know…. I know…

But I will also take a moment to cry because none of this beauty can erase the starkness of my life without my dad. He can’t hug me again. He can’t pretend to hear me and chuckle as if he did. He can’t make every meal a celebration. He can’t clink my glass as I toast him.

He can’t …. He can’t … He can’t….

Dad, I love you. I love you. I love you.

Thank you for being my dad…

Donna ⭐️


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