Two Words.

Written by Donna Star

February 19, 2023

Two Words.

You think you are swimming along just fine, and then you decide, or the decision is made for you, to change direction. Uh oh… You have to jam on the brakes (hopefully safely) and make a rapid turn.

Well, I was cooking along with my book, which is due to my Publisher on March 1st.

I have been through multiple rounds of edits and preliminary book cover designs. I have promoted the name of the book literally everywhere. Then it was time to write my author bio, and I wrote two words, Unsuccessfully Successful.

And that changed everything.

The words kept nagging at me. My editor highlighted them and said she liked them. On our next call, I said, “I think I want to change my book title to Unsuccessfully Successful, and I did. Just like that. We both agreed it absolutely captured the spirit of my book.

I did not overthink this.

I did not stress about the what-ifs.

I didn’t ask a million people what they thought.

I just did it.

And I think this is how you know when something is right.

When you don’t need outside validation.

When your body gives you the clear go-ahead, you feel absolutely no tension.

When you just know.

Two more words – Thank you 🙏.

I appreciate the ongoing support more than you know.

Say it like it is,



Donna is honest and has integrity beyond measure. Donna is truly a blessing and if you are fortunate enough to work with her you are guaranteed to have the same experience. I highly recommend working with Donna, you will not be disappointed because she is one of the most genuine and generous people you will ever meet.


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