Once upon a time in the land of regret…

Written by Donna Star

January 30, 2023

Once upon a time in the land of regret…

I didn’t feel comfortable sharing that I hit a milestone.

Because I am unsure of the outcome.

I submitted my first book manuscript several weeks ago📕📕! (Thank you for the support!)

Even though I want to be proud of this fact, I was and am nervous because the book is incomplete and is going through extensive revisions.

What if the book is not good enough to publish?
What if someone reads it and hates it?
What if the revisions are so extensive that I scrap the whole thing?
What if? What if? What if?
Underlying all this self-doubt is FEAR. (False Evidence Appearing Real).

I don’t want to live in the land of regret, and I don’t think you do, either.
And this is why we are running a complimentary workshop with practical tips to help overcome Imposter Syndrome.
Imposter Syndrome on February 6th at 3 pm EST.

Do you want to?

Be proud of taking any steps. Keep on taking them. Progress begets progress.
Be proud of using your voice. Slowly but surely, say what you think and feel instead of stuffing it inside. Stuffing = the unease you feel in your body.
Be proud of yourself without ANY hedging. If I could count the number of times we qualify our accomplishments, I would be a very wealthy woman 😁.

I promise that you will leave this complimentary workshop better feeling better equipped to deal with “those moments” of feeling like a fraud, feeling like someone is going to find out you are not as good as they once thought, that you have to be perfect all the time….and inspired to write that book, try that new sport, speak up for yourself, sign up for this workshop 😁, and look at yourself in the mirror and love who you see.

Please join us. Share and invite your friends.
Click here to register. Thank you!

Say it like it is!
Donna ⭐️

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