Prepare for an Emergency Landing.

Written by Donna Star

January 10, 2023

Prepare for an Emergency Landing.

Thanks to those airplane safety demonstrations that we have all (not) heard a million times, we know to put our oxygen masks on first.
It is so clear in cases like this that you must put your needs first to help everyone else.

But in everyday life, not so much.

Let’s give your own needs a spin, shall we?

It is ok to say no or not now.
It is ok to pass on a project unless something else is re-prioritized.
It is ok to cut a phone call short or not pick up the call.
It is ok to not respond to a text or email immediately (it is).
It is ok to want and need your own time and space (and no, this is NOT selfish)
I want you to be the best version of yourself in 2023 and every year after that.
Not because the year has changed but because you know there is more in you. Like me, you may be waiting for a sign to validate that it is the right time. Consider this your sign, which seems way better than an averted plane crash 😬.

Say it like it is,

Donna ⭐️

Recent Recommendation (note the wording 🤯):
“I worked with Donna as I was making a career move, and I found her style warm and easy to work with, but she challenged some of the limiting ways I was thinking. I highly recommend Donna, and if you are looking for a sign that coaching is for you… this is it!

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